Felony DUI

Felony DUI in Panama City

Let Our Experienced Attorneys Protect You From Serious Penalties

If you are convicted of a felony DUI charge in Panama City, it is important to understand the potential consequences and how you could potentially fight the charges. A felony DUI conviction can have serious long-term repercussions for your life, so it is important to act quickly and obtain experienced legal representation.

According to Florida law, someone faces felony DUI charges if:

  • They have three or more convictions within 10 years of their most recent offense
  • They have four or more convictions (regardless of intervening times),
  • Their blood alcohol level is 0.15% or higher when they are tested during their arrest. 
  • Other aggravating factors such as having minors in the vehicle while driving under the influence may also lead to enhanced penalties and potential felonies with severe punishments.

How We Approach Felony DUI Charges

As serious as felony DUI charges can be, there may still be options available to reduce or dismiss the charges entirely. Hinson Law Offices specializes in representing individuals charged with all types of felonies including felony DUIs in Panama City courts. Our firm has decades of experience handling cases involving driving under the influence charges and has achieved success in both jury trials and plea bargain negotiations with prosecutors over the years. 

Our team takes into account all aspects including possible extenuating circumstances when building defenses that would challenge proof presented by prosecutors involving breathalyzer tests or other evidence related to intoxication levels at the time of arrest. Our goal is always to secure lesser sentences than what prosecutors attempt initially or dismissal when possible.

If you are facing felony DUI charges in Panama City or any other cities in our service area, contact Hinson Law Offices today at (850) 403-6348 to speak with an experienced attorney.


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